One of the best things about running this site is we get to promote work of some good friends.  And once again we are able to give a shout out to Paul Gee of Moonboom Limited.

It seems that Paul has been once again working with BBC Worldwide and has transformed 30 of  Graeme Neil Reid most beautiful watercolour paintings into iMessage Stickers.  For those on the older side and don’t know what we’re talking about, iMessage sticker packs allow you to reimage your text chats with your choice of images.   This is only available on iPhones and iPad that have are upgraded to iOS 10.0 or higher.

If you are still confused about what I’m talking about please watch the video.  It helps.

The official BBC Doctor Who Sticker Packs for iMessage on iPhone and iPad is a great app and has our sincere seal of approval.  But don’t take our word for it, try them out and you’ll be as hooked as we are.

Perfect for any Doctor Who fan.

You can download from BBC Doctor Who Sticker Packs for iMessage on iPhone and iPad  from iTunes or by searching for Doctor Who Sticker Pack 1 on your Appstore.


BTW if you don’t have Paul’s other apps —Doctor Who: EyeStalk – Transform your iPhone, iPad or iPod into the lens of a Dalek and WhoNews – the definitive Doctor Who news app —  make sure you pick them up too.




  1. I wish someone would make sticker packs for Android. There are huge numbers of us, and we Love Doctor Who just as much. In fact, there’s a homicide Detective in New Orleans with a Tardis, Dalek & 10th Doctor on his desk!

    Thank you