Christmas time is looming ever nearer, and Doctor Who gifts will be disappearing from the shelves in droves!

It is common knowledge by now that with every Christmas comes new Who! The episodes themselves are often milestones by nature. Viewers say hello and goodbye to companions and Doctor’s alike; Clara, River Song, and The Tenth and Eleventh Doctor’s. However, as the show sheds its skin at the turn of the year, The Doctor drops some fun new merchandise just like Santa himself.

Merchandise is undeniably a huge part of Doctor Who, making the show truly bigger on the inside. Since the show’s revival in 2005, fans have been treated to no more than fourteen episodes per year of 45 minutes each. Consequently, fans must find their own creative ways to fill in the gaps when the program is off-air. Thus, below is Blogtor Who’s top 5 Doctor Who Christmas gifts to facilitate the love of Who!

5: The Twelfth Doctor’s Sonic Screwdriver.
Twelfth Doctor’s Second Sonic Screwdriver - Character Options
Twelfth Doctor’s Second Sonic Screwdriver – Character Options

It’s mind boggling watching the latest iteration of The Doctor use the devices of his predecessors. After all, Ten was lumped with Nine’s screwdriver throughout his entire run. Even 2010’s ‘The Eleventh Hour’ saw Matt Smith use the archaic wand. Not only this, but Capaldi also had a second-hand screwdriver throughout series 8. It was only after the head scratching sonic shades were dumped that Capaldi finally got his own variation of the instrument.

Of course, young fans of The Doctor everywhere can now pick up his trusty device. Debuting in the series 9 finale ‘Hell Bent’, this sonic screwdriver is the latest edition. Fans will remember the TARDIS creating the gadget at the end of the episode, firing it into the air with The Doctor snatching it heroically. It’s toy counterpart flashes and beeps and does everything but open doors or reverse the polarity. Well, you can’t expect it to do everything!

However, with this clever little gadget children can create their own fun and be The Doctor. Capaldi’s generation presumably had to use stick stand-ins for the sonic, but not so today!

4: Doctor Who Pop! Funko’s
Funko Doctor Who POP! vinyl figures.
Funko Doctor Who POP! vinyl figures.

It is every fan’s dream to assemble an army of their favourite Doctor Who characters. To position them in line in the bedroom, slumber palaces guarded by some of the universe’s most brave protectors or fearsome monsters! Quite simply, these miniature versions of Who’s characters are must haves. Obsessive must haves.

Most might agree that the collection begins with lining up every Doctor. But then, inevitably, a new variation of The Doctor is released. Or that incarnations most dynamic companion. Or his nemesis monster. It soon spirals out of control, and suddenly dozens of Pop! Funko figures are ready to take on whoever trespasses into your bedroom.

Pop! Vinyl’s are enormously popular to possess. Additionally, it is hard to spend wisely and control yourself when hundreds of them on display. Or blow all your money and buy five hundred. After all, it is Christmas.

3: Boxsets
Doctor Who: The 10 Christmas Special DVD Box set (c) BBC
Doctor Who: The 10 Christmas Special DVD Box set (c) BBC

Many herald today’s viewership as the box set generation. With the rise of the internet, illegal streaming has also taken off and, in a twist of fate, has had a resoundingly positive impact on a great many shows. Often, people simply seem to have neither the time nor patients to sit and wait for episode to episode for their fix.

Instead, a trusty box set can help to blitz a full series or twelve in the space of a weekend. Not only this, but one’s shrine to Doctor Who can be ever growing with the DVD’s and Blu-Rays stacked up against each other. Furthermore, box sets are the most honourable way to watch the show whilst contributing to its success.

Additionally, there’s likely a whole boat load of behind the scenes goodies just waiting to be explored on a box set. From cast interviews, insight into set design or deleted scenes, the box set can be the treasure trove of the Doctor Who fix.

2: Doctor Who Magazine

Doctor Who Magazine - Issue 500
Doctor Who Magazine – Issue 500

A simply outstanding publication that is always a dynamite read. Hundreds of issues are now floating around time and space detailing even more of what the box sets bonuses can offer.

Doctor Who Magazine travels to every nook and corner of the Who world. Exclusive content awaits within teasers for new series and episodes, breaking news on updated castings and departures. They put everything on display from both in front and behind the camera and is a great read for both the casual fan and even anyone looking to work for the Who program itself.

Ultimately, Doctor Who magazine is the closest thing we’ll get to a real TARDIS. It can be anywhere and everywhere, evolves just like the show and celebrates the shows past, present and future without ever growing stale.

Subscriptions for the Doctor Who Magazine are available in digital or print versions.

1: The Big Finish Audio Range
Big Finish Tenth Doctor Adventures
Big Finish Tenth Doctor Adventures

Whilst it is undoubtedly amazing that fans can explore behind the scenes shenanigans and marathon aired episodes, the Big Finish range of stories is lucrative, ever growing and yet still considerably small in its audience.

Many yearn for more Doctor Who adventures featuring Doctors such as David Tennant, the comics and novels whilst incredible, not quite substituting for the nuance of the performance. However, as recently as last May, Tennant reunited with Catherine Tate’s Donna Noble for three brand new, unmissable audio adventures. Furthermore, Tom Baker has frequently returned to his role as The Fourth Doctor also, as has Sixth Doctor Colin Baker, Seventh Doctor Sylvester McCoy, and many more Doctors, companions and villains.


The Big Finish audio range fills in gaps in The Doctor’s narrative that are arguably vital listening to the program. John Hurt returned to his role as the War Doctor to tell stories within the biggest war the universe has ever seen, the audio allowing imaginations to run amok. Or perhaps it might like to be known as to just who The Eighth Doctor saluted before his regeneration? Ultimately, the audio adventures bridge those gaps and flesh out a whole other dimension to Doctor Who.

All you need to know about Big Finish and their extensive Doctor Who range can be found at their website.

Each listed piece of merchandising adds another sphere to the Doctor Who canon. There is always another story, or a new piece of the puzzle to gift to someone else. Whether its collectables, goodies or brand new adventures, The Doctor is never absent for long.